Just a couple of days until the start of our tournament. At this moment we have 200+ players in the tournament and we're looking forward to a full week of spectacular bowling. Fans at home can follow the action with our online scoring and we will have live streaming starting on Thursday.

Bowlers playing the Bronzen Schietspoel looking for some extra action: Bowling Maasport in Den Bosch has a sweeper for you. Click here for more info.

Available starts Schietspoel:

1 Sunday 24.02.2019 11.00h 20
2 Sunday 24.02.2019 15.00h 32
3 Monday 25.02.2019 20.00h 14
4 Tuesday 26.02.2019 20.00h 13
5 Wednesday 27.02.2019 20.00h 1
6 Thursday 28.02.2019 15.00h 13
7 Thursday 28.02.2019 19.00h 0
8 Friday 01.03.2019 11.00h 28
9 Friday 01.03.2019 15.00h 6
10 Friday 01.03.2019 19.00h 11
11 Saturday 02.03.2019 10.00h 0
12 Saturday 02.03.2019 14.00h 0
13 Saturday 02.03.2019 18.00h 0


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Rules, format, number of finalists. You can find it all in this section of the website.

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What can I win? The Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel 2019 has a prizefund of over 45.000 euro.

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When can I play? You can choose from 13 different squads. Check here for playing times and entry fees

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Dolfijn | The Plays To Be

dolfijn binnenThe new Dolfijn Bowling Center is now open and ready to host the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament in 2019.

24 lanes equipped with QubicaAMF pinsetters and scoring, a new large Dolfijn Proshop and the Dolfijn Training Center with video, Kegel Specto™ and Torch™. It is the place to be for every bowling enthousiast!

Parking is no longer an issue because there is an underground carpark for 100+ vehicles.